Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Most Beautiful place in Malaysia - Penang

Penang is a very beautiful island state in the north of Malaysia. Its got the mountains/hills, sea on all sides and a bridge which connects them to the rest of the world. I have been to just 2-3 states in Malaysia, but this one tops the list for its beauty.

Ok this picture was not taken by me, but gives you a glimpse of the 13.5 km bridge which is the seventh longest in the world. I mean you sit and sit and wonder when it will get over...awesome bridge I would say.
I did the trip couple of times across the bridge for some meetings. One thing which is not good is the public transport. Taxis dont go by meter and you have to bargain. I was charged on a daily basis. But people are more friendly than KL is my verdict.

There are a lot of Indians as in the mainland and I even saw a Malayalle Association of Penang.

Penang food is a speciality and the Indian food I had here was quite different from the Indian food I get in KL.

Some parts of the city has a nice pavement around the sea which is good for a nice evening walk. People here are a bit more laidback than the rest of Malaysia.

A set of row houses in Penang - view from my room!


Goa said...

Nice pics Bro .. Penang sure seems like a nice place to visit.

Where ever you are in the World you are bound to bump into some Indian ...Indian diaspora has spread everywhere :-)

If you want to find out how many Indians are there in a place just organise a Cricket match :-)

Immigrant in Canada said...

Gosh.. you are making me cry.... I travelled on that bridge every day When i was working there..
The Malayalee associating building, the Kottakkal vaidya sala in Leboh Penang, Kaliamman Restaurent, Batu ferringhi beach.. I miss home..

Sujith said...

Goa - Hmm cricket is a good idea man...there is a cricket club here in PJ Club...close to where I live...but u know if the opening slot is takebn, then I wont be much interested :)

Immigrant - Oh I am so sorry abt that...Have you been to the Kashmir restaurant there?I am sure u wud have..